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General refund, open terms and conditions 

Passengers must be in the port for Check In 30 minutes before the ship’s scheduled departure time.

If passenger does not perform the travel, there are no refunds available.

Refund only to the passenger by the ticket issuing agent.

Trips may be cancelled due to weather conditions and/or technical reasons that have not been announced previously. In these cases fare is fully refounded, passengers' other claims are not acceptable.

Passengers are not aloud to carry any explosives, flammables and all other items that are restricted by law.

Ship and passengers are under insurance coverage.

Full amount refund available only on the ticket issued day - until 24:00 hours. Rule is not applicable after the scheduled departure time of the ship.

Tickets possible to change to Open until 12 hours before the ship’s scheduled departure time.

Refund is NOT available and Open is NOT possible if discount applied when issuing tickets.

Infant 0-6 years and Child 7-12 years applied.

Open ticket application:
Open tickets are valid for 3 months.
Open ticket Total will be deducted from new issuing ticket Total.
If Open ticket Total is HIGHER then new issuing ticket Total; no refund is available.
If Open ticket Total is LOWER then new issuing ticket Total; the difference will be collected.

NO Refund is available:
1)    After issuing day (Refund available only until 24:00 of the issuing date)
2)    Check In completed tickets (Refund available only at Check In and by the operator)
3)    Discount applied  tickets
4)   ; Changed to OPEN tickets
5)    Issued using OPEN tickets

OPEN is NOT possible:
1)    Less then 12 hours to departure time
2)    Discount applied tickets
3)    Issued using OPEN tickets

Passengers must present valid identification cards for the domestic lines and passports for the international lines.

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